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Greetings and Salutations, Draconian Knights is a bi-weekly audio series created by Orion Acaba. It follows the story of Tiberius Stormwind and his family as they try and save their homeland of Draconia from an unknown evil. There are plans in place for 5 seasons with about 12 episodes per season. The kickstarter is to help offset the production cost. Our goal is very low for what we actually need. It will more or less cover the cost of the rewards we are offering. The cast is in place and the show had it premier episode 5/13/16 on and will be uploaded to Orion’s YouTube and the following Monday. The cast stars; Orion Acaba, Imari Williams, Erika Ishii, and Anna Brisbin. We also have over 20 of our VO friends who are slated to make cameos such as; Phil Lamarr, Maurice Lamarche, Fred Tatasciore, D.C. Douglas, Yuri Lowenthal, Courtenay Taylor, and Dante Basco just to name a few! Right now this is a passion project that we are sinking every last moment and penny we have to bring you the best show possible. Please donate and help make this project possible and get yourself a piece of Draconia for your support! Thank you!