Fan Work Roundup 5/8

Every other week we collect the latest and greatest fan works for Draconia! To submit your art, stories, music, and more give us a shout on Twitter or email us directly. Don’t forget to include how you want to be credited and a link to where viewers can see more of your work! If we’ve previously received your work but you don’t see it yet, we’re saving it for a future roundup!

Tiberius by JediDM99

Tiberius by Jedidm99

Chibi Tiberius by Snicket

Tiberius by Snicket

I Encourage Violence by Lector

I Encourage Violence by Lector

Tiberius by Bree Jordan

Tiberius by Bree Jordan

Tiberius by Starfallhybrid

Tiberius by Starfallhybrid