Episode 10 – A Midsummers Plight Teems

Draconia Pictures presents:

Episode 10 – “A Midsummers Plight Teems”

Featuring Special Guests:
DC Douglas as Puck
Jason Marsden as Oberon
Cristina Vee as Titania, Cegilune, and
The Queen of Air and Darkness
TJ Storm as Lord Skerrit

In the tenth episode, The Stormwind siblings and the Knights from 1st company, Attempt to battle The Queen of Air and Darkness and save Cegilune with the assistance of the King of Dreams…on an unexpected journey.

Spell List And Translation!
Coming soon!

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  • Theme Music – Aaron Joseph and Orion Acaba
  • Music – Jason Charles Miller
  • Art Director – Kyle Capps
  • Character Designer – Andy Lee
  • Graphic Artist – Trevor J Edgar
  • Graphic Editor – Barrak Sitty
  • Business Advisor – Stephen Hayward
  • Graphic Designer – Erin Murphy
  • Sound Designer – Andrew Swart
  • Executive Producer, Writer, Director, Sound Designer, Foley – Orion Acaba

Special Thanks to:
The Cast of Critical Role, Annette Frady (mom),
Alex Lewis, Kurt Weibe,
Geek and Sundry, Zac Eubank,
Kyle Capps, UCBLA,
Lucas Eubank, Jessica Marzipan,
Imari Williams, Erika Ishii,
Christal Acaba, Bella Acaba,
Anna Brisbin, Jason Bergman,
Aaron Schoenke, Michele Morrow,
Ryan James, Jason Fader,
Dave Mitchell, Jill King,
Bethesda, Joseph Seoule,
Square-enix, Nobuo Uematsu,
Kenji Yamamoto; Minako Hamano, Nintendo
Yu Miyake, Namco,
Blake Robinson and The Synthetic Orchestra,
T-Pain, Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer
Everyone at AVO,

And To All The Critters/Acabacondas/Draconian Knights And Super Rad Fans That Kept And Keeps Me Going!